University of Chicago Student Calls Out CNN’s Brian Stelter for His Lies and Bias

CNN’s left-wing media correspondent Brian Stelter was on cleanup duty on behalf of the entire legacy media industry that by and large chose not to cover the Hunter Biden laptop story during the 2020 presidential election. “I think there’s a tension between big American newsrooms that want to check something out themselves that don’t want to rely on other outlets, that don’t want to just repeat and regurgitate, but then there’s an audience expectation of being able to instantly cover every story and have every answer,” Stelter said during a panel discussion on Thursday at the “Disinformation and the Erosion of Democracy”  conference in Chicago.

If CNN is really interested in gaining its integrity back, they need to fire biased hosts like Jim Acosta and Brian Stelter quickly. Stelter for one never admits that he was wrong and the guy is obsessed with tearing dwon FOX News and the GOP. He needs to go work for Media Matters.
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