Texas Man Who Shot Dead His Girlfriend’s Ex-Husband Won’t Face Criminal Charges

A Texas man who shot dead his girlfriend’s ex-husband as the men argued over child custody will not face criminal charges because the shooting was in self-defense, the Texas Attorney General has announced. William ‘Kyle’ Carruth, 39, opened fire on Chad Read, 54, after the two squared up to each other and wrestled over a gun in Lubbock on November 5. A special grand jury found Carruth will not be charged because the argument was on his property and the shooting was in self-defense, Attorney General Ken Paxton said on Thursday. 

Wow, can’t believe that coward got off. Carruth brought out a gun in a situation that didn’t need one, killed a dad trying to see his kid because he wouldn’t get off his property and they’re calling this ‘self-defense’?!?

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