Convicted Child Rapist Nabbed for Assault After Lax Sentence from Ketanji Brown Jackson

Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson doled out a lenient sentence to a child rapist for violating probation — and he allegedly struck again during the time when prosecutors wanted him locked up, The Post has learned. The Biden nominee’s handling of sex offender Leo Weekes’ case emerged in a tranche of court filings and transcripts sent to the Senate Judiciary Committee Friday — just days before the panel is set to vote on whether to report her nomination to the full Senate.

Well, Jackson already has Susan Collins and Joe Manchin’s vote so I’m guessing that she’s a lock to become a Supreme Court justice regardless of her horrific record on handling sex crimes. Of course, the GOP could pull out a man from 30 years ago who claimed that Jackson raped him, but I highly doubt that they’ll go there.

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