Poll Shows a Majority of New Yorkers Are Done with Liberal No-Cash ‘Bail Reform’ Law

An overwhelming majority of New Yorkers say the no-cash bail law has contributed to the spike in crime and should be overhauled, according to a study released Monday. A total of 56 percent of voters in the Empire State believe the 2019 bail reform has been bad for New York compared to 30 percent who said it was good policy, the Siena College survey found. Nearly two-thirds of voters — 64 percent — think the law has resulted in an increase in crime, compared to 24 percent who said it hasn’t.

And as much as the loons out there who support these criminal-friendly ‘bail reform’ laws try to use tainted statistics to advocate for their twisted agendas, what they never talk about is self-responsibility, the trauma that comes with being a victim of crime, how many criminals don’t show up for court dates, repeat offenders, rising shootings etc.

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