Down In Latest Poll, NY Gov. Kathy Hochul Finally Sees the Light on Public Safety in NYC

Looks like Gov. Kathy Hochul has gotten the message on crime. Good for her — and good for New York, too. Hochul, as this newspaper first reported exclusively Thursday, has abandoned her puzzling timidity on public safety and is pushing legislation that would tighten New York’s notorious no-bail laws, target both young gunslingers and subway crime generally and beef up the state’s power to detain and treat the mentally ill — against their will, if necessary.

Kathy Hochul doesn’t give a rat’s ass about public safety as she’s one of the idiot’s who supported bail reform in the first place. This move is about a recent poll showing her behind a point to Rep. Lee Zeldin in the race for the next NY governor. When it comes to politicians it’s almost always about the poll numbers.

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