Crybaby Naomi Osaka Needs To Quit Playing Tennis

A heckler who shouted at Naomi Osaka at a tournament in California made the tennis star cry Saturday. Osaka was playing Veronika Kudermetova at the Indian Wells Masters in Indian Wells, California, when a woman yelled out, “Naomi, you suck!” The crowd jeered the heckler.

She’s weak and just needs to quit. With the exception of a very few, every professional athlete no matter how great they were has been booed or heckled at one point or another during their playing days. A fan buys a ticket to a sporting event and they have a right to boo. 99.999% of athletes just ignore the boos and keep it moving. But not Naomi who seems to think that she’s had to worse than say Venus and Serena Williams did back in the day when it comes to being booed. Either way, including endorsements she’s already made $350 mil or so in the game so she’s set for life. As are her grandkid’s grandkids. So she should just do us all a favor and quit already. She’s a grown-ass woman who can’t take being booed on occasion, so leave. Buy an island or a castle or go live in a cave if you can’t handle public scrutiny.

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