How Woke Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg Axed His Predecessor’s ‘Rushed’ Probe into Donald Trump’s Finances

A high-profile criminal probe into Donald Trump’s finances fell apart when prosecutors working on bringing charges were unable to convince their new district attorney to do so. Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg stress-tested his office’s case against Trump behind closed doors on January 24, with prosecutors Carey Dunn and Mark Pomerantz laying out the case against the former president. A grand jury had already heard the case against Trump in secret, and was set to expire in April, leading to a push to file charges.  Doing so would have made Trump the first president – sitting or past – to ever have faced criminal charges. 

In other words, the prosecutors who quit turned out to be political hacks who despite having a gang of leaks in their case, still tried to take down Trump and Bragg being astute enough in knowing the law, knew they had nothing and told them so.

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