Chris Christie Torches Liberal ABC Panel Trying To Blame Former President Trump For Russia/Ukraine War

Anchor George Stephanopoulos started off the firestorm by asking Christie if there’s anything Biden could’ve done short of “imposing a no-fly zone over Ukraine” that would’ve prevented Russian President Vladimir Putin from invading. Christie argued that if Biden had “aggressively armed Ukraine” from day one in office by continuing “the Trump policy” of providing arms, Russia never would’ve invaded. Bringing up Trump clearly triggered the libs on the ABC panel, because you could hear instant shouting at Christie. Chief Washington correspondent Jon Karl instantly scoffed at Christie’s suggestion that Trump had armed Ukraine, huffing “Trump is the one who brow-beated Zelenskyy and held back the javelins that Congress had voted to supply him with.” 

This was an epic takedown by Christie. But of course, a liberal media that has zero interest in facts when they benefit those they hate like Trump.

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