Woke Essence Magazine Bows To White Liberalism and Gay Mafia with Cover Featuring Two Black Dykes Celebrating ‘Black Love’

Niecy Nash and her wife, singer Jessica Betts, are making herstory. The duo were featured on the cover of the latest edition of Essence — the first same-sex couple to do so. The award-winning actress and television host shared the cover of the magazine’s March/April 2022 “Black Women in Hollywood” issue on Instagram, the couple embracing each other.

It’s a fact that white liberals have used Black Americans to push their own immoral, Godless agenda for decades now. And not having a stable, two-parent hpusehold with a father present is one of the biggest predictors to poverty, a life of moral bankruptcy and/or a life of crime. But let Essense magazine tell it, this ‘historic’ cover equates to ‘progtress’.
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