Former ‘The View’ Co-Host Meghan McCain: Kamala Harris ‘Is Not A Serious Person’

Meghan McCain defended herself after backlash from a tweet she posted calling Vice President Kamala Harris not a “serious person” to send overseas for meetings regarding the Russian invasion of Ukraine, writing that she respected the office but stood by her words and wanted the White House to send a “more capable diplomat” to represent American’s interests. McCain’s tweet came in response to a report from The Hill that President Joe Biden’s administration was discussing sending Harris to Warsaw, Poland and Bucharest, Romania as the Biden administration seeks to reach out to allies amid Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

What exactly did McCain get wrong here? Kamala Harris shouldn’t be taken seriously by any sane person. And time and time again she’s proven why. A couple of years ago she was called out for thinking that rapper Tupac Shakur was still alive. Rep. Tulsi Gabbard famously called out Harris for the inept and racist policies while serving as a Cali prosecutor, before she became a Senator, during the 2020 Democrat primaries. Gabbard’s torching was so bad that Harris would soon afterwards end her bid for presidnecy…before she got to Iowa. She was only hired as VP because the bullies on the far-Left demanded that Jeo Biden pick a black woman. As VP she’s been a total failure esp. with the border crisis, on Haiti, with the Seante, with Ukraine and more. There was that horrible Lester Holt interview. In other words, she’s just plain awful, doesn’t ever do her hoemwork and is never prepared.

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