Liberal Media Spin Ron DeSantis ‘Chiding Kids’ To Not Wear Masks To Distract You From Joe Biden’s Poor Job Performance

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) sent out an email Thursday fundraising off of a viral video of him chiding a group of students for wearing masks during a news conference. The email blasted the “corrupt and biased legacy media” for going after the governor over his claim that “masks are political theater.” DeSantis’ Twitter account also released a video of his comments spliced with Family Guy memes, claiming hypocrisy among Democrats who have recently appeared in public without masks. 

Any same person or non-Republican hater who watches the clip can see that Gov. DeSantis didn’t ‘bully’ anyone. He clearly gave them the option to stay masked if they wanted while also admonishing school officials who may have told them to stay masked. But hey, there’s war going on that Joe Biden played a huge hand in creating, the lib media already hates DeSantis and judging from all these sudden turnaround’s by Dem. governors on mask mandates, it’s looking more and more like DeSantis was right all along on dealing with Covid.

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