Fundraising Site GiveSendGo Ordered to Freeze $8.6M for Trucker Convoy Says It Won’t Comply

Founder and CFO of GiveSendGo Jacob Wells said on Wednesday that the Freedom Convoy in Canada deserves to be heard. “I believe that people have a right to stand for freedom and that is what we see happening, and largely it is a peaceful movement, and we’ve been talking with people on the ground there and that is what they are seeing,” Wells told “Fox & Friends First.” “They are seeing a groundswell of freedom-loving people standing for their rights, and we’re happy to see funds from people, primarily Canadian citizens, giving to this to push back against overreaching vaccine mandate laws.”

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    • Many thanks for this. I have had a quick look. No great surprises really.

      ‘Vaccination’ is anagram of ‘Icon Vatican’ or ‘I con Vatican’. No surprises there. My Covid 19 Summary on my site explains more.

      I have written about Monsewer Turdeau too. He is a naughty boy and not the new messiah despite being born on Christmas Day.


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