Karma Strikes Self-Pompous Ass Chris Wallace Who’s Allegedly ‘Irate’ About Jeff Zucker Leaving CNN

Ultimately, the biggest loser in all this is not Jeff Zucker, nor is it Jason Kilar. The way this has all been handled leaves CNN worse off in every way at a particularly perilous time. CNN recently crossed the $1 billion profit threshold while simultaneously investing unprecedented resources in their new CNN+ streaming platform, with stars such as Chris Wallace, Kasie Hunt, and Scott Galloway leaving cushy gigs because they believed in Zucker’s vision. But these distractions risk diverting CNN from its long-term growth strategy just as the impending merger is sure to create some ripples. 

A cushy job at FOX and for the most well-respected by his peers, Wallace went righteous and left his job because Tucker Carlson dared to ignore Nancy Pelosi’s partisan Jan. 6th committee and give his own viewers his thoughts on what really happened that day. Now the Trump-hater who hired him leaves CNN and Wallace (who hasn’t been heard from since he left his old job) is left pitching yet another fit. Karma is so beautiful tp watch.

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