Actor Michael Rapaport Films Alleged Shoplifter Boldly Robbing an NYC Rite Aid

New York actor and comedian Michael Rapaport flipped out in a Tuesday social media post that shows an alleged shoplifter brazenly walking out of a Manhattan Rite Aid. “I can’t believe I’m seeing this s—t,” the “I Am Rapaport” podcaster is heard saying over the video. “This f—king guy just filled his two bags up with everything in Rite Aid, right here on 80th [Street] and First Avenue is walking down the street like s–t is Gucci. I was watching him the whole time.”

If I’m in charge of a large store in a liberal city where shoplifting is frequent and law enforcement turns a blind eye to it, I’m using face recognition scanners to start banning people.

RELATED: Seattle Target store picked clean by shoplifters (plus Michael Rappaport witnesses shoplifting in NY)

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