Black Women Get Ready To Replace Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer

The White House signaled Wednesday that President Joe Biden remains committed to nominating the first Black woman to the Supreme Court, after a well-placed source familiar with the matter told CNN that Justice Stephen Breyer plans to retire. The prospect of the historic Supreme Court nomination takes place at a crucial political moment for the Biden White House. With the 2022 midterm elections on the horizon and a myriad of policy battles playing out in Washington, the confirmation of a liberal justice could be the major win Democrats need to fire up their base this November.

I’m not that mad at a Black women getting a shot to be on the Supreme Court when you consider that there never has been one. However, if she’s as inept at doing her job as Kamala Harris is (and always has been), then there’s going to be a problem, especially when this would be a lifetime appointment.

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