MSNBC Idiot Elie Mystal Uses MLK Jr. to Slam Democrat Senators Kyrsten Sinema and Joe Manchin

Well, it’s all dead now. So, the liberal network had an insane panel where The Nation’s Elie Mystal went on a tirade that only liberal America would accept as fact. In short, Sinema-Manchin are the white liberals MLK, Jr. warned us about or something. There’s no urgency. It was pretty much these people are independent thinkers which makes them members of the Klan. Second, they’re not really liberal, Manchin is certainly more conservative-ish. Sinema is more of a centrist. Third, no one should have a sense of urgency or even the thought of shredding the Constitution. Mystal then ripped into John Roberts, though for different reasons, namely his gutting of the Voting Rights Act in 2013. If the GOP keeps control of SCOTUS, we can never be a truly free and fair country.

Considering all the heat FOX took for alledgedly being ‘State TV’ during the Trump administration, it’s amazing that MSNBC doesn’t catch near the same criticism for literally being State TV while Biden is in office.

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