Packers QB Aaron Rodgers Rips ‘Absolute Bum’ NFL Reporter Who Refuses to Give Him an MVP Vote Because He’s Not Vaccinated

Aaron Rodgers is the absolute favorite to win this season’s NFL MVP award and the Green Bay Packers quarterback refuses to accept criticism from any writer who won’t give him a vote for personal reasons. Tuesday afternoon, Chicago Bears Hub Arkush reporter told The Parkins and Spiegel Show on 670 The Score that he will not give Rodgers his MVP vote because he believes the quarterback is “the biggest jerk in the league” and a “bad guy.”

Well, if you believe Rodgers younger brother Jordan, know that Aaron Rodgers doesn’t even talk to his own family and certainly doesn’t get to date fine women like Olivia Munn, Danica Patrick and now Shailene Woodley because of his good looks, you probably would think that he’s a ‘jerk’ who’s gotten pretty high outside the football field due to his money and fame. But yeah, playing a season with a broken toe, but still being able to throw 35TDs with only 4 interceptions while leading your team to the playoffs should defintely get you the MVP, vaccinated or not vaccinated.

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