White Comedian Patton Oswalt Apologizes to Gay Mafia for Longtime Friendship with Dave Chappelle

Patton Oswalt addressed backlash he received after meeting up with controversial comic Dave Chappelle on New Year’s Eve. The 52-year-old stand-up comedian had shared several snaps with Chappelle, 48, in Seattle, Washington and called him a ‘genius’ and ‘real friend’ which ruffled some feathers. Responding to the criticism over both the post and the friendship, Oswalt explained that though they ‘100% disagree on transgender rights’ it was ‘impossible’ to cut off a friend of 34-years despite their differing beliefs.

Of course, could’ve really defended his pal Chappelle by saying nothing because Dave did nothing wrong and the whole drama over Chappelle’s Netflix show is overblown and based on lies (anyone who actually watched ‘The Closer’ could tell you that), but hey when the Gay Mafia attacks you must back down.

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