Liberal Scumbag Bette Midler Apologizes on Twitter After calling West Virginians ‘Poor’, & ‘Illiterate’

Bette Midler is walking back an insult. The 76-year-old performer is known for speaking her mind on Twitter – especially when it comes to politics. On Monday, she took to social media to slam Joe ManchinWest Virginia‘s Democratic senator who has announced that he’s against the Build Back Better Act, which would expand the country’s social safety net.

People like Midler are just scumbags. Like almost all of Hollyweird, she has no clue about government, politicss, negotiations, inflation or spending plans, etc. All she cares about is that the end justifies the means and she didn’t her way. So fuck it, just call the ‘bad guy’ (in this case Senator Manchin) ‘evil’ and diss his entire state of West Virginia (while just happens to be a red state that Trump won by 10+ points in 2020) as ‘poor’ and ‘illiterate’ regardless of the fact that with a 50/50 Senate, the last thing you should want to do is piss Manchin off. It’s what scumbags liek Midler do.

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