Charlamagne Da God Exposes Kamala Harris for the Horrible Politician She Is

Kamala Harris did not appreciate the fact that Charlamagne tha God repeatedly asked her whether Joe Biden or Joe Manchin is president. During the exchange, an aide for Harris even attempted to end the interview, which aired on Friday’s Tha God’s Honest Truth on Comedy Central. As a single Democratic senator in an evenly-divided Senate controlled by his party, Manchin has a lot of leverage and he has perhaps been more willing to use it than any other. Earlier this week, his objections to Biden’s Build Back Better legislation prompted the Senate to shelve the bill.

Even in friendly territory Harris is bad at being a politician. Charlamagne Da God is a hip-hop radio host who when he talks politics, rarely goes after Democrats for anything. For goodness sake, his show is produced by well-known Trump-hater Stephen Colbert. She was totally in friendly confines here. And she still screwed this up, gaslighting Charlamagne with that weak ‘Don’t talk like a Republican’ response, failing to get her words and thoughts together and then making the issue of student debt relief (which is upsetting a ton of liberals online) about herself. She’s just bad. Yet the irony here is that with liberals raising hell over Biden (so far) breaking his campaign promise to relieve everyone of $10k in student loan debt, this interview goig viral might make him change his mind.

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