Far-Left Comedian Sarah Silverman Is Shocked To Find Out That Liberals Aren’t Allowed To Criticize Other Liberals

Comedian Sarah Silverman is astonished by the amount of criticism she’s receiving for her tweet calling out MSNBC’s Joy Ann Reid over the anchor’s comment on a retweet of a CNN article about Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL). “I didn’t really think anything of it,” Silverman said about the tweet on the latest episode of The Sarah Silverman Podcast. “I put my phone down and checked Twitter a couple hours later and had been completely co-opted by the right.”

Silverman could be both stupid and naive because its long been known that liberals are way less tolerant to criticism than conservatives are. There’s been poll after poll that’s long confirmed this. Of course, the problem here too that no one wants to talk abput is conservatives trying to latch onto (or recruit) longtime, morally bankrupt celebrity liberals the minute that they say something that makes sense, when the truth is that in order for a social liberal to leave the plantation and convert to conservatism (or even something in-between), they need to see the light on their own first.

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