Poll Says Woke ‘Latinx’ Term Hurts Democrats, 30 Percent of Hispanic Voters Say They’re Less Likely to Vote for a Politician Who Uses It

Using the term “Latinx” isn’t just ineffective, but is actively offending a significant portion of Hispanic voters, a poll by a Democratic firm has found, with only 2 percent of respondents saying they use the word to identify themselves and 30 percent saying they would be less likely to support a politician or political organization that used it.

I’ve always called ‘Latinx’ stupid and unnecessary. And now of course, since polls matter and for Democarst it’s all about staying in power, my guess is that even the woke activists, tranny’s and tranny supporters will come around to getting rid of this offensive term.

RELATED: Obama pollster to Dems: “Latinx” is still not a thing despite your wokest efforts

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