Records Show CNN Host Chris Cuomo Used His Media Sources To Find Out Info On Brother Andrew’s Accusers

A newly-released batch of exhibits and transcripts from the investigation into former Gov. Andrew Cuomo include a series of new revelations about CNN host Chris Cuomo. The texts and transcript show the larger-than-known extent to which the CNN host advised his brother and appeared to run interference for him.

At worst, Chris Cuomo gets suspended by CNN for this conduct. CNN and Jeff Zucker love Cuomo too much to fire him. But here’s the thing: if Cuomo didn’t act like such a prick during the Coronavirus beginnings what with the coming-out-the-basement photo/video opp, the lies about that verbal conforntation he had with that bicyclist and of course, the totally unethical, chummy interviews he had with his brither on his show, could anybody blame him for wanting to help his brother out during a crisis that ended up costing Andrew his job? Probably not.

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