No Charges Filed Against Texas Man Who Fatally Shot Mistress’ Ex-Husband Outside Front Porch

Wow. Having seen the video, I thought for sure since the guy who got shot and killed did not pose any deadly threat (or had any kind of weapon on him) beforehand, the guy with the firearm who just shot him, would for sure be arrested and charged with murder of something because that clearly wasn’t self-defense to me. But so far that’s not the case:

A Texas man fatally shot his partner’s ex-husband during a bitter ongoing child custody dispute, disturbing video shows. The cellphone footage released Tuesday by an attorney for Chad Read’s widow depicts the deadly Nov. 5 confrontation between the 54-year-old victim and Kyle Carruth outside his Lubbock home, KCBD reported.

RELATED: Kyle Carruth attorney makes case for self-defense after deadly shooting of Chad Read

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