New York D.A. Says Andrew Cuomo Sex-Crime Charge May Be ‘Defective,’ 

The sex-crime case against former Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo was thrown into doubt on Friday after the Albany County, N.Y., district attorney delivered an extraordinary public denunciation of the local sheriff, saying the criminal complaint the sheriff filed last week was “potentially defective.” In a letter to an Albany, N.Y., judge on Thursday, the district attorney, David Soares, took issue with the Albany County sheriff, Craig Apple, for “unilaterally and inexplicably” filing the complaint without the knowledge of Mr. Soares, whose own investigation was still active.

Andrew Cuomo should be in prison right now for what he did with those nursing homes during the height of the pandemic. But wrong is wrong and these sexual misconduct allegations that forced him to resign as Governor reeks of Democrat corruption and outright lies and for that reason alone, he should be granted justice.
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