After Having All-Star Game Taken Away from Atlanta by Stacey Abrams’ Lies, Braves Win World Series

Atlanta’s 7-0 Game 6 win over the Astros in Houston on Tuesday was the perfect finish for a franchise that lost its most iconic player, Hank Aaron, at age 86 back in January. His death from natural causes was the start of a turbulent year for the Braves, who faced injuries to stars like Ronald Acuña Jr. and Mike Soroka, as well as several controversies over the last 10 months. In April, amid pressure from civil rights groups, MLB moved the 2021 All-Star Game away from Atlanta because of Georgia’s new voting law, which critics say limits minority voter access. MLB’s draft, also slated to be held in Atlanta, was relocated as well over the objections of the Braves front office.

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