Rare Defeat for Gay Mafia as Netflix CEO Defends Dave Chappelle’s Special ‘The Closer’ Amid Accusations of ‘Transphobia’

Netflix CEO Ted Sarandos is standing by the streaming service’s latest special from comedian Dave Chappelle amid accusations of transphobia. The Friday company memo defending the special was first reported on Monday by Variety.

I did read on Twitter someone making a great point about how Netflix leaving the controversial Cuties on air, so how dare they even think about pulling Chappelle’s show. So maybe that went into their thinking here. Still, most of the criticism towards ‘The Closer’ clearly comes from people who hadn’t even bothered to watch it. To think too, when you make as many valid points as Chappelle does about teh gheys in the show and you watch till the end where Dave talks about losing a friend recently, who also happened to be a tranny, calling him ‘transphobic’ is just utter B.S.

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