GOP Candidate Max Miller Sues Trump Turncoat Stephanie Grisham for Defamation After She Alleges He Was Abusive

A Republican running for Congress in Ohio has filed a defamation lawsuit against a former White House press secretary alleging he was violent and abusive. Stephanie Grisham and Max Miller dated when they both worked in the Trump administration. One of the more disturbing allegations in Grisham’s new book is that the relationship turned abusive.

The fact that Grisham is sucking up to a press that berated her almost every day while she was in the White House and that she clearly has some vendetta against her ex-boyfriend (who she never filed a police report against despite her claims of Miller abusing her) speaks to not only the timing of this book coming out, but that she’s full of shit.

RELATED: Stephanie Grisham claims Trump and Melania ‘didn’t seem to care’ about her ‘abusive’ relationship with Max Miller and were ‘totally unfazed’ when she said he ‘got physical’ with her

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