NBA Star Andrew Wiggins on Getting Vaccinated: ‘I Guess You Don’t Own Your Body’

Golden State Warriors star forward Andrew Wiggins said he is still frustrated about getting the COVID-19 vaccine, saying that he doesn’t own his body anymore, the San Francisco Chronicle reported. Speaking to reporters after the Warriors preseason game on Monday, Wiggins said he felt he was forced to get vaccinated since there was a chance he would’ve been barred from participating in home games this season. 

Of course Wiggins could’ve stuck with his anti-vax stance, not gotten vaccinated and taken the fines that would’ve come along with it. But I’m sure his handlers and most likely family members and friends probably took turns reminding him that his rich, lucrative basketball career is only one major injury from being over, so he better take the money on the table while he still can. Money will do that to you.

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