Greg Gutfeld Calls Don Lemon ‘Extremely Stupid’ For Wanting To Shame The Unvaccinated

On Wednesday night, Don Lemon shredded people who aren’t vaccinated against Covid-19 last night, calling them “stupid.” The CNN host resisted the calls of some to refrain from calling unvaccinated people “stupid.” “Yes, they are,” he said. “It’s time to start shaming them.” On Thursday, cohosts of The Five reacted to Lemon’s remarks. “I think it’s frustrating because Don Lemon is extremely stupid,” said Greg Gutfeld.

Lemon and his hypocrite-pal Cuomo are the worst. They’ll attack conservatives for everything wrong with this country, but they won’t mention how it was Kamala Harris who started vaccine skepticism in the first place. Or that there are many rational reasons why a variety of people won’t get vaccinated. Or that there are plenty of countries around the world as well as many blue states with high vaccinated rates that are going through huge crisis’ regarding Covid as they spoke. It’s all political theater to them and they could care less about the truth.
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