Politik Ditto: In The News – Week of 8/22/2021

A list of links to news, current events, opinions and other conservative-related happenings that took place during the past week that the far-Left, mainstream media either refused to talk about or purposely downplayed.

Biden Is Lying. We Are Going To Leave Behind Thousands Of Americans In Afghanistan

Republicans Slam ATF For Attempting To Alter Legal Definition Of ‘Firearm’

American Soldiers Did Their Jobs. It’s The Politicians That Failed Them.

Schumer slammed for dancing at NYC concert amid Afghanistan strife

De Blasio won’t help the violent mentally ill — the next NYC mayor must

Will Supremes Give Biden the Rebuke He Deserves on Eviction Moratorium?

NY, LA and SF Just Committed Suicide; Is Vegas Next? The Suicide of America

With That Staggering Figure, How Could You Not Question the 2020 Mail-In Voting Process

California judge shuts down ride-sharing referendum result

Monoclonal antibodies are free and effective, but few are getting them

Hundreds arrested, massive fines during Australian lockdown protests

Nikki Haley: Afghanistan Withdrawal a ‘Total Surrender’

On Fox, Elder Responds to LA Times MUD: ‘Larry Elder is the Black Face of White Supremacy’

Rachel Maddow Reaches Deal to Stay at MSNBC

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