Liberal Comedian Bill Maher Defends Matt Damon from ‘Woke Police’ Over F-Slur Outrage

On Friday’s Real Time on HBO, host Bill Maher offered a lengthy condemnation of what he called the “woke police” for their repeated, mostly social media-based swarms of outraged reactions to actor Matt Damon. The specific recent example of high dudgeon was with regard to Damon saying that, following a discussion with his daughter, he was going to “retire the f-slur” from his vocabulary. Damon said that he used the term with a “different application” growing up, and it had remained with him in that context for some time. He later clarified what he was referring to.

This was brilliant and I’m glad Maher included that harmless joke Rep. Kevin McCarthy made about Nancy Pelosi a few weeks ago that got so much fake ‘outrage’ from the Left and their idiot pals in the media.

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