Two St. Louis City Sheriff Deputies Fired After Working Private Security for ‘Defund the Police’ Supporter Rep. Cori Bush

Two St. Louis deputies were dismissed last month for working on progressive Rep. Cori Bush’s security detail without permission — days before the “Squad” member defended spending tens of thousands of campaign dollars on private protection while pushing to “defund the police.” St. Louis Sheriff Vernon Betts told KMOV that he initially warned now-former deputies Tylance Jackson and Maurice Thompson to quit moonlighting as muscle for Bush (D-Mo.) and fill out the proper forms after they accompanied her on a tour of St. Louis jails in April. However, Betts said he was told by Veterans Affairs Police several weeks later that Jackson and Thompson were providing security for Bush again.

Republicans are already favored to win back the House in 2022. With hypocrite Dems like Bush in office, it could be a landslide for the GOP.

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