‘Woke’ White House Uses Flaming Gay White Guy In a Skirt To Encourage Rural Americans and Minorities To Get Vaccinated

The White House has enlisted “Gen Z” social media influencer Benny Drama in the push to get young Americans vaccinated, with a parody video of him parading around as Jen Psaki’s “intern.” The comedic influencer, whose real name is Benito Skinner, uploaded a new video on TikTok and Instagram late Monday co-starring the White House press secretary. The video, which was filmed around the White House, features Drama’s “Kooper the Gen Z Intern” character wearing a white skirt and flashing his long nails.

Now that liberals have thrown common sense out of the window and replaced it with ‘equity’ and ‘wokeness’, my guess is that RuPaul or Da Brat weren’t available to do this ad.

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