Smug CNN Host Brianna Keilar Lies About Unvaccinated Americans Being ‘Disproportionally Republican Fox Viewers’

Unless the least vaccinated ethnic groups, which happen to be Blacks and Latinos, suddenly became Fox viewers overnight Keilar is outright lying while once again looking to score political points around a deadly disease that continues to wreck havoc on the world. But Keilar and her massah Jeff Zucker don’t care about facts if it means taking a shot at conservatives…which is all CNN does nowadays. It should also be noted that not a single Fox host has told their viewers to not get vaccinated. Sure, Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham esp. have expressed skepticism, but almost all of Fox’s hosts have outright told viewers to get vaccinated.

RELATED: Biden’s Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas admits migrants are being released into the US WITHOUT being tested for COVID-19 at the border – but won’t say how many

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