Miami Marlins Outfielder Lewis Brinson Called the N-Word by Fan During Colorado Rockies Game (UPDATED)

Turns out that I was wrong as after an investigation by the Rockies, its been confirmed that the fan in question shouted ‘Dinger’ and not the alleged racial slur.

Miami Marlins outfielder Lewis Brinson was subjected to racist venom during his final at-bat during Sunday’s game against the Colorado Rockies … being called the n-word by a fan. Brinson was at the plate at the top of the 9th with the Rockies ahead of the Marlins by quite a bit, and with one out logged … he stepped up to take a hack. After taking a second ball, somebody in the stands started unabashedly hurling the slur as loud as they could.

This is disgusting. I’m a little surprised that Brinson didn’t stop his at-bat to go jump in the stands and go look for that racist prick so he could kick his ass. Yeah, he would’ve gotten suspended, but so what? Of course, there’s some irony here too as Colorado is the ‘progressive’ state MLB chose to move the All-Star game to after that fake voter fraud stuff started by Democrats not too long ago.

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