Joe Biden Keeps Bombing Somalia

President JOE BIDEN’s war in Somalia has begun, and he didn’t even launch it. On Tuesday, U.S. Africa Command chief Gen. STEPHEN TOWNSEND authorized a single drone strike against al-Shabaab militants attacking an American-trained elite Somali force known as the Danab. While no U.S. troops accompanied the Somalis during the operation near Galkayo, Pentagon spokesperson CINDI KING told NatSec Daily that Townsend has the authority under Article 51 of the U.N. Charter “to conduct collective self-defense of partner forces.”

Bombed Somalia 3 times in 2 weeks actually, but barely any coverage from the liberal media. Nada from the UN. No ‘outrage’ from the Woke crowd or the Democrat-run Congress. Gee, it’s as if it’s Obama’s 3rd term or something.

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