Joe Biden Plans To Keep Unconstitutional Eviction Moratorium Alive Via Appeals

President Joe Biden’s audacious move to assuage liberals by extending a pandemic-related moratorium on evictions puts him in a position he has so far avoided: inviting a high-profile showdown with the Supreme Court. If the court — as expected — shoots down the policy following a legal challenge by Alabama and Georgia Realtors’ groups, it could also wind up fueling the progressive drive for Supreme Court reform that Biden has been so lukewarm about.

I’m not at all saying that there aren’t people out there in bad spots job-wise or rent-wise who didn’t need this extension. But just like the PPP loans, there are definitely a lot of folks out there who took advantage of this moratorium just as there are a lot of landlords who need their money.

RELATED: Biden: Even if the Court eventually rules against our eviction moratorium, we can keep it in place for months by appealing

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