Joe Biden Approval Numbers Tank To New Low

In the latest Gallup approval poll, President Joe Biden has sunk to a new low, down a full 6% from just last month, and almost as low as ex-president Donald Trump‘s high water mark. Gallup compares Biden’s second quarter of first term approval rating against the second quarter polling of other presidents historically, including Barack Obama (62%), George W. Bush (55.8%), Bill Clinton (44%), and Donald Trump (38.8%) at this point in their terms. They even included John F. Kennedy (76.2%) and Richard M. Nixon (62%). Biden is no Nixon, but he’s no Trump either, coming in at 50% in the latest result.

Much higher numbers on crime since he took office, illegal immigrants coming into the country by the thousands every day, an incompetent VP, a Woke Mob running rampant and politicizing the pandemic, any wonder his numbers are dropping?
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