CNN’s Mary Katherine Ham Calls Out Liberal News Media for “Fangirling” Over Dr. Anthony Fauci

Mary Katharine Ham appeared on CNN for a segment on Anthony Fauci. She was great, which means she probably won’t be appearing on the network for months since she expertly dissects the liberal media narratives. She’s too good at it. And the look of irritation that was exhibited on the faces of those in this segment was priceless. Ham called the play perfectly when it comes to Fauci and the media. The man doesn’t field tough questions from the media. It is a ‘fan girl’ experience and you can see that with his huffy and puffy attitude when questioned about gain-of-function research, Wuhan, and NIH grants.

When it comes to female conservatives sticking it to liberals, no one does it better than Mary Katherine Ham and Megyn Kelly.

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