Liberalism Kills Chicago Rapper Just Getting Out Of Prison

Several suspects “exited two separate vehicles and all began to shoot.” Chicago rapper KTS Dre was fatally shot over the weekend after reportedly being ambushed by multiple gunmen following his release from the Cook County Jail. The shooting occurred on Saturday and 31-year-old KTS Dre (born Londre Sylvester) suffered as many as 64 bullet wounds to his head and other parts of his body, police said, per NBC Chicago.

Goons don’t respect liberal gun control laws much less anything resembling respect for life, so much so that they can roll up on a prison, kill a man, shoot his mom’s and speed away without any fear of being caught. Meanwhile the Democrats will keep screaming ‘white supremacy’ and ‘climate change’ in your ear while hundreds of Black people kill each other in the hood every day across the nation. Guarantee if Chicago had a Republican mayor this wouldn’t have happened because he’d still be locked up.

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