House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s Husband Paul Cashed in on Big Tech Just as Congress Was Set to Pounce

The week before the House Judiciary Committee voted on reigning in big tech, Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband exercised a bullish bet on Google-parent Alphabet, in a timely transaction that netted him $5.3 million. The antitrust bill was advanced as a push by the government to curb the “unregulated power” of big tech firms Google, Amazon, Apple and Facebook. It was the final part of a six-part package called “Ending Platform Monopolies Act” aimed at restricting how big tech companies offer their products to ensure they don’t use their size to dominate the market.  

Gee, can’t help but think that if this was a Republican Speaker of the House’s spouse allegedly involved in insider trading, it’d be bigger news on the liberal cable news network’s.

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