Gay Actor Billy Porter Calls Out Straight Woke Actor Jeffrey Wright for Playing a Gay Character in ‘Angels in America’

Emmy-winning Hollywood star Billy Porter has called out fellow actor Jeffrey Wright for playing a gay character in Angels in America, noting that Wright is a “straight black man.” Billy Porter stopped short of criticizing Wright’s acting, and the Pose star expressed dissatisfaction with the casting choice for the character of Belize, a gay male nurse and former drag queen who figures prominently in Tony Kushner’s AIDS-themed play that opened on Broadway in 1993.

This is too funny as Jeffrey Wright is one of the most woke actors in Hollyweird (just visit his Twitter account for a few minutes to find out). Yet, that’s not enough for members of the uber-Woke crowd which recently decided that only gay actors could play gay characters (amongst other new rules). To think some of us are old enough to remember that acting is a pretend sport.

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