Former VP Mike Pence Gets Heckled at Faith & Freedom Coalition Summit With Boos and Cries of ‘Traitor!’

Former Vice President Mike Pence owes a great deal of his political career to support from evangelical conservatives, and Friday’s Faith & Freedom Coalition Summit has been home turf for him for years. But the Republican base is still very devoted to former President Donald Trump, and Pence’s apostasy on Jan. 6 — refusing to oppose the Electoral College votes that certified President Joe Biden’s victory — is a sin for which there seems to be little forgiveness.

Mike Pence, a devotedly Christian man of extreme integrity, was a superb VP and he was extremely loyal to Trump. After the courts made their decision’s on the 2020 presidential election and there was no proof that widespread electoral fraud occurred to make Trump the winner, Pence did what he was supposed to do and went about the duties that entail his job. The idea that he’s a ‘traitor’ for doing so is stupid and nonsensical.

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