NY ‘Central Park Karen’ Amy Cooper Sues Employer For Firing Her Over Bird Watcher Race Row

Amy Cooper, who went viral and became known as “Central Park Karen” last year after she called New York police and falsely reported a Black birdwatcher was threatening her life, is suing her former employer, arguing they fired her without properly investigating the incident. Ms Cooper lodged her complaint in a federal court in New York on Tuesday, arguing the public backlash against her interaction with Christian Cooper (unrelated), and her firing the next day from investment firm Franklin Templeton, “caused her such severe emotional distress that she was suicidal.”

Wow, the sheer audacity pf this chick. She could’ve gone on with her life quietly and maybe found a job in the private sector or something. But the stupid wench just can’t get past her ego, much less accept that what she did in that park that day was way past racist…and on tape. She’s going to get vilified for this and deservedly so. To think too that most people had probably forgotten about her till this news came up.

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