Girl Who Killed DC Area Uber Eats Driver Pleads Guilty, Literally Gets Away With Murder

In March the country was shocked as it watched two teenage girls attempt to carjack an Uber Eats driver in the DC area, which ended in the death of 66-year-old Mohammad Anwar, an immigrant from Pakistan. The video, which we originally reported on here, is graphic in the detail and shows the girls speeding off in Anwar’s car, Anwar still stuck in the door attempting to wrestle control of the vehicle away from the two girls. The vehicle then crashes at the end of the block, rolling onto its side. The girls are seen climbing out of the passenger side of the vehicle. One of the girls was more concerned about finding her phone, which was lost in the accident, than the welfare of Anwar, whose mangled body is seen lying lifeless near the front of a building.

RELATED: Girl caught on video carjacking Uber Eats driver in Washington DC gets off with a maximum SIX YEAR sentence after pleading guilty to his murder

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