Oprah Winfrey Gives Liberal, Narcissist, White Celebrity Elliot Page Platform To Promote Lie That Boys Not Playing Girl Sports Will Lead To Suicide

What Page is doing here is emotional blackmail and Oprah knows this, but she’s too beholden to her Godless, white, liberal base to care. Indeed, the laws being passed by many red states to prevent biological males from playing girl sports does NOT stop them from playing sports. Trannies can still play sports…with their own sex category. Then too, linking a policy on sports with increasing suicides is unfounded, promotes the idea of suicide and is in fact dangerous. Page clearly suffers from extreme narcissism and a lot of self-hate. But to treat ‘him’ as normal, much less an expert on anything, makes Oprah look even worse.

RELATED: Florida Legislature passes bill banning transgender women and girls from female sports teams

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