Unidentified Cypress College (CA) Adjunct Professor: Liberal Scumbag of the Week

Claim To Fame: Adjunct professor teaching her first-ever course at Cypress College In California.

Why She’s The Liberal Scumbag of the Week: for ripping a student during a class presentation because he said he regards police officers as  “heroes.” The dimwit educator was apparently triggered Wednesday during 19-year-old business major Braden Ellis’s Zoom presentation on cancel culture in the US, in which he noted how even animated kids TV shows such as “Paw Patrol” have come under fire from unhinged cop-haters, Fox News reported. “A lot of police officers have committed an atrocious crime and have gotten away with it and have never been convicted of any of it,” she declared during the verbal communications class, which was posted online and quickly went viral.

The college, which is outside Anaheim, said Friday the professor would not be returning. “The adjunct professor will be taking a leave of absence for the duration of her assignment at Cypress College. This was her first course at Cypress and she had previously indicated her intention to not return in the fall,” the school said.

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