Eric Bolling Lets Woke Mob Cretin Aisha Mills Play Him For A Fool

Eric Bolling walked out a BBC interview Wednesday after an exchange with political commentator Aisha Mills about new laws in Georgia restricting access to voting. In the debate on the BBC’s “Newsnight” program, Bolling said the decision by some corporations to speak out against the new restrictions could lead to boycotts from Republicans and end up impacting Black communities economically.

First of all, before you go on one of these TV panel discussions do your research (or at the very least skim through their Twitter account) on who you’re going to be debating with. Secondly, in these times understand that, fair or unfair, when it comes to the media especially, no one is going to feel sorry for a straight, white male. Third, when debating a liberal (esp. a member of the woke crowd) you have to start from a position that not only do liberals hate conservatives and thus can’t ever be reasoned with, but everything they say is based on emotion and talking points, especially when they feel cornered (which is usually when the race card enters). Which leads me to my final point when debating a liberal: accept that they lie all the time and facts are their kryptonite. So instead of storming off a stage as Bolling does here (thus playing himself, esp. to the woke audience that sees this as a ‘win’ for their side), he should’ve kept beating her over the head with facts until she demanded to leave the show.

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