Liberal Media Smears Are Just Making Ron DeSantis Stronger

A lot of their residual Trump anger has been directed at Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. In fact, it began as overflow anger while Trump was still in office. I first wrote about the MSM mistreatment of DeSantis last May. That was back when the brave media types were fluffing Andrew Cuomo while he was shipping New York’s elderly off to die in nursing homes. It was DeSantis they were calling a grandma-killer, though. What 60 Minutes tried to pull this past weekend was unconscionable. It was so beyond the pale that DeSantis has Democrats defending him and calling out CBS.

DeSantis is Trump without the hourly tweets and without all the past sexual allegations. Plus, he’s a strong conservative who knows his shit when it comes to policy. It’s no wonder the media hates him.

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